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Granite Columbaria


Our Granite Columbarium Niches have been the traditional choice for inurnment for mausoleums and outdoor columbaria for decades; typically to match the color and stone used on crypt fronts. Its use has expanded significantly to outdoor settings for mausoleum walls, free-standing niche walls, cremation estates, and cremation gardens.

While our product lines start with a simple single niche module (12” x 12’), the permutations are countless and illustrate a broad range of design solutions. Our columbarium niches can be constructed solely of granite, both interior, and exterior, or, the internal components can be engineered with an aluminum framework and be fixed with granite cladding on the exterior to provide a luxurious and refined look.

Features & Benefits

Granite is a very hard durable natural stone and is not susceptible to scratches and stains. It is heat resistant so that it will not crack due to extreme temperature fluctuations and is also impervious to moisture penetration.

A top concern when planning a new niche structure is safety and security. Our columbariums and cremation estates are secured with tamper-proof security screws, allowing peace of mind for both families and operators.

From a maintenance standpoint, granite has a non-porous surface thereby preventing bacteria growth and molding. It will never fade or discolor and is easy to clean using most off the shelf cleaners.

The natural beauty of granite immediately enhances the quality of the overall niche project, resulting in higher demand and purchases of niche units.

Standard and custom designed Cremation Estates and Columbaria

Our Splendida Cremation Estates and Giardino Columbaria provide a unified and attractive design to any exterior project in black, brown or gray granite, combined with our comprehensive collection of Bronze Memorialization Accessories to enhance, accent and increase revenues.

Our Splendida Cremation Estates feature all granite construction or an aluminum interior framework and four-sided granite cladding. They come pre-assembled for 2-place, 4-place, and 6-place niche units (12” x 12”), or can be designed for larger configurations.


Our Giardino Granite Columbaria is available in a variety of sizes, the most popular being the octagonal 96-niche and circular 120-niche units. They feature all granite construction or units exceeding 120-niches are built using an aluminum framework with granite cladding.

Granite Finishes

We offer a selection of beautiful natural granite finishes. They are unique in color, veining, and pattern, giving your project the beauty and impact that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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