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Cremation Gardens


Over the past 15 years, cremation rates across the United States have nearly doubled from 25% in 1999 to 47% in 2014. By 2019, it is expected that 2 out of 4 Americans will choose cremation for their loved ones. In Canada, the projection for 2019 will be even higher at a rate of 3 out of 4 Canadians choosing cremation.

With cremation rates on the rise, it is important that cemeteries consider new and engaging ways of attracting families to their properties. Our solution, Cremation Gardens. A unique and creative approach to offering inurnment space within a designed cultural landscape that blends landform and natural vegetation with stunning memorialization features.

Cremation Gardens have a distinct advantage over scattering grounds since they offer a dedicated place for families and friends to gather. They also offer the appeal of a peaceful environment, conducive to reflection and prayer.


1. Cremation Gardens encompass much less space than cemeteries consisting primarily of traditional ground internment, hence maximizing use of space and generating more profit per square foot of property space.

2. Capital costs to construct a cremation garden are much less than that of a mausoleum, and since cremation rates are on the rise, focusing on the sale of niche inventory results in a more certain revenue stream and expedited cost recovery.

3. Cremation Gardens enhance the landscaping of your cemetery, increasing its overall appeal and property value, while at the same time creating a new source of revenue.

4. From concept to completion, Cremation Garden development can take mere months to complete, depending on the complexity of the design, as opposed to years for mausoleums and elaborate columbarium structures. They can also be developed in stages and over time, allowing you to monetize initial offerings to pay for enhancements and expansion.


Cremation Gardens combine the best design elements of mausoleums, columbarium and cemetery landscaping. Garden layouts can be configured formally as a meticulously manicured Victorian-style design, and in open areas, a centrally placed columbarium can be mounted with themed statuary to provide a magnificent setting for niches.

Within outdoor enclosures, a columbarium can be custom designed as a gateway or gazebo with attractive bronze accessories such as our Memorial E-Z plaques or custom-designed sculpture such as our Bronze Flight of Doves. If the exterior mausoleum wall becomes part of the decorative backdrop, it could serve as either a green wall or feature one of our themed wall bas-reliefs.

In a more natural setting such as woodlots and pathways, memorial options can be scaled down to feature more discrete Cremation Estates placed for example on the border of a winding garden path, and flowerbeds can be created near cremation benches.

How we can help

Our expert team of landscape architects, builders, and memorialization professionals offer a wide selection of products and services to create formal and informal Cremation Garden settings.

Each project is unique and requires an individualized combination of custom solutions to maximize space, aesthetic excellence, maintenance efficiency, and increased profits. Our approach is to work with you and cemetery staff to propose the most appropriate solutions. The following is a partial list of Cremation Garden services we offer: