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The New Face Of Customer Service

The New Face Of Customer Service

Outstanding customer service has always been critical in the funeral industry. Although we have serious conversations on a daily basis, we understand the importance of connecting with our clients on a personal basis. They're coming to your business on one of the toughest days of their lives, and they're inherently trustful of the advice you share. This rapport used to begin by greeting your clients with a welcoming smile and an empathetic nod. However, countless studies show that modern consumers are researching their options online instead of visiting your brick & mortar cemeteries. This means that your first impressions with your clients are more likely to be online, turning your website and digital presence into a powerful customer service tool. The information, expertise, and resources that you share online is valuable to your clients, and in turn, builds trust and loyalty with your business. Sharing information online also boosts your customer service by overcoming the challenge of waiting for clients to contact you as needed. Your customer service team will receive the contact information of clients who request more information, turning a cold call into a warm lead. This, in turn, helps your cemetery’s business operations because your services are shared to a larger audience than a one-to-one conversation, and you’re not limited to business hours to respond to digital inquiries. Here are three ways that your cemetery can use digital tools to provide outstanding customer service:

Communicate Pricing

Funeral services vary widely in prices, and the traditional style of sharing pricing info with clients was to show the base prices and rely on your customer service team to upsell as much as possible. This tactic can be effective in person, but it could actually backfire in a digital format. Customers that are price conscious will navigate straight to the pricing page on your site. If they don’t find the information they need in a clear and concise format, they’ll move on to another competitor’s site. Customers that are already loyal patrons of your cemetery will appreciate knowing their options for base services and upgraded options. It can be helpful to create packages instead of selling services a-la-carte, since your customer service team doesn’t have the advantage of discussing the pros and cons of each decision. You can also create a digital brochure that explains the pricing packages, and make it available for clients to download and share with others.    

Comprehensive Solutions

The typical funeral requires a variety of related services, some of which may not be directly obvious to your clients. Many times they are faced with a long list of questions and decisions while they are in the early days of processing their grief, and these decision can be very overwhelming. There are two ways your cemetery can enhance your customer service by providing comprehensive solutions. The first way is to package your funeral services with related vendors, such as a preferred florist. This method cuts down on the number of calls your client makes to finalize the arrangements. The second way is to provide a listing of all of the related services your clients may want to consider. The key is to only list businesses that you know and trust, and include an individual contact name for each service provider so your clients know they are in good hands. Providing a comprehensive solution makes the planning process easier on your clients, increasing the chance of them viewing you favorably.

Stay in Touch

A digital platform makes it much easier and cost-effective to stay in touch with your clients following their funeral services. In an industry where services are typically one-time requests, it’s important to build long-term relationships with your clients. With many funeral services being held within 3-5 days of the passing, your team has a relatively short time to make an impression. Mailing lists and automation campaigns will assist in sending out targeted messages, such as sharing grief counselling and support groups available through your cemetery. The goal is to build a deeper relationship with your clients in the hopes that they will work with you again or share your name with friends and relatives that are in need of your services.

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